Student Assessment Project

Christian Higher Education Canada members are invited to participate in an exciting satisfaction assessment project.  This project, in collaboration with Noel-L86528054-SSI-happy.jpgevitz, will assist CHEC colleges and universities with collecting and utilizing student satisfaction data. By participating, you will be able to better understand the satisfaction levels of your own students and how they compare with students at other CHEC member institutions, as well as with students nationally at other Canadian institutions. These data will inform your strategic planning activities and guide your retention initiatives.



To participate, you will just need to order and administer the Student Satisfaction Inventory™ (SSI) to a representative sample of your undergraduate students during the 2014-20154 academic year. You are also welcome to invite your graduate school or seminary students to complete the survey.  The SSI is available for paper or online administrations.  (CHEC will administer the Canadian four-year version of the SSI).


The SSI is a very affordable survey instrument. Depending on the size of your institution, you may be able to invite 100% of your population and get representative data for less than a $1000 (USD) investment. 



Benefits of participating:

  • Discounted per survey rate of $2.00 (USD)
  • Opportunities to administer with either a paper or online survey
  • Flexibility to administer in either the fall or spring semester, depending on your regular assessment cycle
  • Comparison of your students’ satisfaction with other participating CHEC members
  • Comparison of your students’ satisfaction with Canadian institutions nationally
  • Free Webinars to provide direction on administering the survey and reviewing the results


Your next steps:

  • Place your order with Noel-Levitz at least two weeks prior to when you would like to survey


We hope you will join in this exciting opportunity to assess the satisfaction levels of students enrolled at CHEC institutions. 


For more information, please contact Nita Stemmler at