Data Project

CHEC has a three-fold approach to data collection from CHEC members so that we have a national database which can yield aggregate comparative data for bench marking, comparative studies of trends, professional development and the promotion of our movement.

The three areas are: recruitment and enrolment data; institutional data (some collected by CHEC and some by EFC via the T-3010 forms that all charities submit); and research data that can be used for either professional or institutional development or public promotion or both.

A database is needed to establish a national profile of CHEC, its institutions, their graduates and their impact on Canadian
society and the wider world. TWU_Grad.jpg

We are now collecting for 2015-16.  Results will be discussed at the upcoming CHEC Conference, Toronto, ON, Friday, Nov 4, 2016.

We are encouraging all CHEC members to participate in the institutional data collection.

Complete the form online:


Results for 2012-13.