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CHEC Your Future

Your Gateway for Internship and Mentoring Options

Finding meaningful placements for additional experience after graduation is becoming increasingly challenging, particularly for graduates of Christian institutions who may be looking for opportunities that will further develop their capacities in ways that also relate to their faith. 

Through cooperative relationships with a wide variety of Christian church, business, mission and professional organizations, CHEC can provide a gateway for these graduates to seek out placements, internships and mentoring opportunities that connect them with Christian leaders and practitioners in the field who can serve as examples and resources for how to honour Christ and serve his Kingdom in further service and employment.

Cooperative agreements are being currently being developed with a target launch date of summer 2016 for the site. 

The site will be searchable by organization, professional field or area and geographic location, whether Canadian or global. It will also be accessible to Christians who graduate from other institutions and are also interested in being a Christian witness in their area of service and employment.