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Overview is a website clearinghouse for online courses from a number of our member institutions. Open to registered students or adult learners, online courses can be taken by letter of permission for credit or for general interest.  All CHEC members and their programs/courses are accredited, Biblically-based and embrace a Christ-centred worldview and approach to education.


Only members of CHEC may list courses on the site. This is a clearinghouse offering basic searchable information that will connect a potential/active student to the campus offering the course. Courses listed on this site include interaction with the instructor as a dimension of the online learning. Registration takes place when a student's application or letter of permission is accepted by the host institution.

Review site FAQs here.

Site Details is a searchable, content-managment website. 


Visitors can search using the following criteria:

  • Course title

  • Institution

  • Level

  • Semester

  • Key word

Search Results Page

  • Lists results for courses captured by the search.

  • Each course listed will include a link to a specific course page set up by campus.

Course Page

  • Course Name and designation

  • Description

  • Prerequisites

  • Semester with dates

  • Deadline for registration

  • Link to campus


Members of the website will be assigned a username and password to upload institutional information, add campuses and maintain their area of the site.  Changes made on this page will appear on the results page of the website site.


  • Yearly fees will begin July 1 and end June 30.  Courses added during this period will be counted in the total number of courses, even if the course is offered outside of the fee period.

  • Renewal of fees will take place every July 1.  Courses added to the site in the previous year which will be offered in the renewal year will be included in the total number of courses considered for renewal.

  • Rolling Courses: A course spanning two years will be counted towards the total in each fee year if the course remains on the site.

Fee Levels:

10 courses listed - $80
20 courses listed - $140
30 courses listed - $180
40 courses listed - $200

Example: If you are adding 15 courses to the site, please choose the option,  "20 Courses", the cost of which will be $140.