Supreme Court of Nova Scotia finds in Favour of TWU and Religious Freedom


In issuing its ruling in TWU v. NSBS, Honourable Justice Jamie S. Campbell found that the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society did not have the authority to do what it did, namely, to refuse to recognize law degrees from Trinity Western University’s proposed law school, and further, that in refusing to recognize graduates of TWU’s proposed law school, it did not exercise its authority in a way that properly considered religious freedom and liberty of conscience.

“CHEC welcomes this decision; it is a significant affirmation of the freedom of faith-based institutions to provide a quality education in an ethos in keeping with their religious traditions and beliefs,” said Justin Cooper, Executive Director of CHEC. “We are encouraged not only for TWU and its path breaking effort to open a law school, but also for the important precedent this sets for the protection of freedom for all faith-based institutions and communities in Canada."

CHEC intervened in this case along with EFC, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, an umbrella association of denominations, parachurch organizations and higher education institutions. TWU is a member of CHEC and also an affiliate of the EFC. 

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