Steinbach, Manitoba - March 31, 2010 - Dr. Justin D. Cooper will become Executive Director of Christian Higher Education Canada (CHEC) Inc. on July 1, 2010. The public announcement of his appointment has been released by Dr. Stanley E. Porter, Chair of the Board of Directors. Dr. Cooper's candidacy was previously affirmed by the general membership upon recommendation of the Board of Directors.

"We are delighted that someone of Dr. Cooper's expertise and experience will lead CHEC into its next phase of growth," stated Porter. CHEC was formed in 2005 as a collaborative evangelical umbrella organization designed to bring together Christian universities, colleges, graduate schools and seminaries from across Canada. It seeks to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of each member institution, thus helping to advance Christian higher education.

Dr. Brian MacArthur, serving as Chair of the Search Committee in his role as Vice Chair of the Board, noted Cooper's unique relationship with CHEC. "He has been part of CHEC since the day of its formation and chair for most of its brief history. Dr. Cooper's skilled leadership has earned him the confidence of our membership," he stated.

Dr. Justin Cooper is concluding his service as President of Redeemer University College. Appointed in 1994, he announced in October 2008 that he would be stepping down in June 2010 after three terms in office. He has been associated with Redeemer since 1980. Cooper received an MA and PhD in political science from the University of Toronto and holds a BA from Trinity Christian College in Chicago. He and his wife Jessie have two sons and seven grandchildren.

Dr. Al Hiebert, the first Executive Director of CHEC, will complete his term of appointment on June 30. "Dr. Hiebert has made an exceptional contribution to CHEC by leading the organization through its formational processes," Porter observed. "His lifetime of service in Christian higher education as a scholar and administrator has been exemplary, providing him with firsthand knowledge of the issues facing our member institutions. He has effectively advanced the mission of CHEC by assisting it to create its organizational structure, expand its membership, and develop strong links between member institutions."

CHEC will hold its annual meeting in Toronto on June 1. "Because of the calibre of leadership we have witnessed in both Dr. Hiebert and Dr. Cooper, we anticipate a seamless transition as Dr. Cooper assumes office this summer," Porter added.


For more information contact:
Dr. Stanley E. Porter
Board Chair, Christian Higher Education Canada
President, McMaster Divinity College
905.525.9140 x23501


CHEC is a non-profit association of higher education institutions, based in Steinbach, MB. Members include 33 institutions (with a yearly enrolment figure of over 17,000 students) representing a broad spectrum of undergraduate and graduate Christian higher education within Canada working together to further the CHEC mission. CHEC's mission is to advance the efficiency and effectiveness of Christian higher education at member schools, including fostering institutional cooperation, and to raise public awareness of the value of Christian higher education in Canada.
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