The Board of Directors of CHEC is pleased to announce that, at its meeting in May 2012, a second three-year term was approved for Dr Justin Cooper as Executive Director, extending his service to May 2016, Lord willing.
Having reviewed what has been accomplished to date under Dr Cooper's leadership, the Board looks forward to continuing to work with him for the cause of Christ-centred higher education in Canada.

CHEC (Christian Higher Education Canada, Inc) is a non-profit association of Christ-centred higher education institutions, based in Dundas, Ontario. Members include 32 fully accredited, degree-granting institutions representing a broad spectrum of undergraduate and graduate Christian higher education within Canada, and serving over 17,000 students. The mission of CHEC is to advance the efficiency and effectiveness of Christian higher education at member schools, including, fostering institutional cooperation, and to raise public awareness of the value of Christian Higher Education in Canada. Christian Higher Education Canada, Inc. qualifies for tax-exempt status as a registered charity under paragraph 149(1)(f) of the Income Tax Act. View our current websites and initiatives at www.checanada.ca and  www.checusout.ca.

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For more information or an interview contact: Justin Cooper, Executive Director
Christian Higher Education Canada
905.627.4540 jcooper@checanada.ca