CHEC Forms Cooperative Relationships for Professional Development

Dundas, Ont. -- In order to better serve leaders on CHEC campuses, CHEC has signed cooperative agreements with two Christian professional groups: ABACC (Association of Business Administrators at Christian Colleges); and CACSD (Canadian Association of Christians in Student Development). We are also in discussion with NACCAP (North American Council of Christian Admissions Personnel) for this same purpose. CHEC is also working to form professional networks for academic deans and campus leaders in advancement, enrolment and marketing.

CHEC also maintains a close working relationship with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, and its Centre for Research on Canadian Evangelicalism, and with ABHE, the Association for Biblical Higher Education, which recently appointed CHEC's Executive Director, Dr Justin Cooper, as an ex officio member of its board.


Christian Higher Education Canada, Inc (CHEC) is a non-profit association of Christ-centred higher education institutions, based in Dundas, Ontario. Members include 33 fully accredited, degree-granting institutions representing a broad spectrum of undergraduate and graduate Christian higher education within Canada, and serving over 17,000 students. Our members work together to further the CHEC mission to advance the efficiency and effectiveness of Christian higher education at member schools, including, fostering institutional cooperation, and to raise public awareness of the value of Christian Higher Education in Canada. Christian Higher Education Canada, Inc. qualifies for tax-exempt status as a registered charity under paragraph 149(1)(f) of the Income Tax Act.