Dundas, Ontario – February 27, 2012 - CHEC (Christian Higher Education Canada) and NACCAP (North American Coalition of Christian Admissions Personnel) are pleased to announce that they have signed a new cooperative agreement with a goal to raise awareness of the value of Christian higher education in Canada through recruitment fairs and to increase the effectiveness of our student recruitment personnel by providing professional development opportunities. "Working with CHEC," indicated Chant Thompson, executive director of NACCAP, "better enables us to fulfill our mission of serving Christian education across North America."

The agreement was approved by both boards of trustees at their February meetings which will allow the planning for the upcoming fall 2012 recruitment fairs to begin in the coming weeks. "We look forward to working with NACCAP to take student recruitment for CHEC member institutions to a new level," said Dr Justin Cooper, executive director of CHEC.

More information about the fairs, as well as professional development opportunities will be announced as plans unfold.

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For more information or an interview contact: Justin Cooper, Executive Director
Christian Higher Education Canada

Chant Thompson, Executive Director
North American Coalition for Christian Admissions Professionals


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